Ebby is a digital creative focused on design, development, photography, and storytelling. Past work has included Google, Apple, Refinery29, Casper, Showtime, Sephora, Zenith, DC.gov, Habitas, Port of Mokha, and more.
Hi, my name is Ebby. I'm a Google engineer turned designer and creative director. I craft brands, design and build digital experiences, and capture stories. Here are some brands I've worked with:
Getting a self-flying helicopter off the ground
💡 Interaction Design
💻 Web Development
Lead the devlopment of Skyryse's digital presence in partnership with Manual Creative

Bird's Eye View
We created a slick and stylish experience to showcase Skyryse's groundbreaking self-flying technology.
📀 React + Styled Components Frontend
💻 Prismic Integration for CMS
Flying On-the-fly
We delivered a mobile-first experience for Skyryse's customers.
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Zenith x Swizz Beatz
A Cutting-Edge Experience for a Groundbreaking Collaboration
💡 Creative Technology
💻 E-Commerce Development
B-Reel approached us to lead the development of this 3D WebGL experience and e-commerce destination for a collaboration watch between Zenith Watches and Swizz Beatz.

A Lasting Impression
A 3D WebGL experience presents this special watch with the richness it deserves.
📀 WebGL 3D Experience
💻 E-Commerce Development
🎛 Integrated with Shopify
Mobile Magic
The 3D WebGL experience and E-commerce capabilites are fully enabled on mobile devices.
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Establishing an iconic new name in hospitality
💡 Creative Direction
✍️ UI/UX Design
💻 Full-Stack Web Development
Habitas approached us to take their brand and web presence to the next level. We worked hands-on to focus to their brand story, embrace a richer creative direction, and create a web experience that captures the spirit of their mission and showcases all of the beautiful properties they've developed.

Rich Media Storytelling
All of the videos
Habitas is a brand built around incredible experiences, so they needed a rich media web experience that showcased their remarkable stories and beautiful spaces.
📀 Rich-media based experience
📰 Custom extensibe front-end
🎛 Bespoke CMS built with Prismic.io
🎛 Infinite story layout options
Beautiful on Any Device
Designed to impress on the go
With a global audience always on the go, Habitas needed a website as sexy on mobile as desktop.
📀 Mobile inline video
📰 Responsive design
🎛 Fast loading
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Genomics Insights for the Life Sciences. At Scale.
🔮 Creative Direction
💎 Branding
✍️ UI/UX Design
💻 Web Development
Valis approached us to define an identity and develop a digital presence for their new genomics brand. Together, we crafted a friendly and intelligent experience to create chemistry with potential customers.

Approachable Science
Using minialistic graphics, we brought the mission and platform to life for users to interact with.
A Sophisticated Mobile Experience
All the delightful interactions of the desktop experience scale to mobile.
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Port of Mokha
Presenting world's most exquisite coffee
💡 Creative Direction & Branding
✍️ UI/UX Design
💻 Full-Stack E-Commerce Development
📸 Photo & Video Production
When Mokhtar escaped from Yemen with two bags of coffee beans, he never expected them to rate the highest of any coffee ever. He came to me with his story, the history of coffee (which began in Yemen), and gorgeous beans. From there, we proceeded to develop a brand, a narrative, physical products, a digital storefront, and content to communicate the story. To execute our creative vision, we teamed up with Manual Creative for branding and packaging design, and Eastward for video production.

A Cinematic Experience
...with stories to tell
With such a rich set of stories to tell, we referenced cinema to intrigue users and guide them through our digital experience.
📚 Rich media storytelling
💸 Custom e-commerce integrated with Shopify
🔁 Recurring subscription products
📺 Autoplaying videos
Shop Anywhere
With mobile users accounting for a majority of sales, we built a seamless mobile e-commerce experience with minimal clutter.
📲 Shop and subscribe from mobile
🎞 Mobile inline video
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Refinery29 Interactive Stories
Pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling
💡 Creative Direction
✍️ Interaction Design
💻 Frontend Development
For over 2 years, I lead creative technology projects for Refinery29, collaborting with brands like Sephora, Google, ABC News and celebrities like Lena Dunham and America Ferrera. With each project, we pushed the editorial and technical boundaries digital storytelling and garnering awards from CLIO, Webby, and Digiday. Each project employed unique experiences like html5 animations, custom scrolling, infographics, and interactive videos. Here are a few examples from the dozens we launched:
Daughters of Paradise
The story of Syrian women refugees
This CLIO award winning interactive story combined a documentary series with animated paintings to convey a vivid portrait of the strugges of Syrian women refugees.
Sephora Beauty Guides
Unique beauty guides for a brand that understands individuality.
Beauty Innovator Awards
The year in makeup
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Cool Hunting
A cool new look for the web's coolest site
✍️ Interaction Design
💻 Frontend Development
Cool Hunting tapped me to develop their new web experience.
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Channel surfing meets the streaming era
✍️ Interaction Design
💻 Frontend Development
We prototyped a channel-surfing experience for Showtime's Smart TV, which informed their digital products to date.
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Ebby Amir is a creative technologist and photographer who focuses on digital storytelling, and strives to push technical and creative boundaries to communicate with audiences.

While his core discipline is software engineering, most projects he takes on unify creative direction, content production, design, and storytelling to communicate with audiences and customers. He has an undying love of photography and filmmaking that influences everything he produces.

He currently splits time between New York, Tokyo, and San Francisco.